Apartment A2

Apartment contains:

  • a room with a double bed and one additional bed
  • bathroom with toilet, shower, and sink
  • kitchen with utensils, refrigerator, cooktop
  • TV
  • a 10 m² large balcony/terrace
  • a view of the sea
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  • Mali apartman_desni_skica2
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Building details

Ambruš apartments are located in the third street, 200 meters away from the beach. The house is situated in a blind alley, which is why the traffic is significantly reduced. The house has six apartments allocated on three floors with two apartments each. Besides the balconies in front of the apartments themselves, there’s a huge shared terrace adjacent to the house. The terrace is equipped with a barbecue.

In the basement of the house there’s a coffee machine, magazines, and party games, as well as fliers and brochures about potential recreation activities and places you may want to visit. If you want to, you can also challenge your dearest to a game of darts or cards. In addition to an outdoor shower, there’s also a sandpit for the youngest and a swing for relaxation.